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please read if you actually like my “blog”

Hi! This is the last time I’m going to turn off my asks and such. I’ve been getting a lot of really nice messages and even more rude messages and it’s just annoying and I know it can all be fixed if I simply delete; but I started this blog because I have bipolar depression and tumblr always seemed to make me laugh and feel really good and happy about life and that’s what’s keeping me here because there’s a lot of you out there like that, that just want a laugh. So after I turn my messages back on if I keep getting more and more asks about rude shit I’m going to delete. I shouldn’t let highschool behavior via the internet get me upset but tbh it kinda gets to me because of how overwhelming all the asks I get. I’m not trying to threaten anyone or seek for anymore attention than I already get saying I’m going to delete because that’s stupid, this is just a website but shits just really annoying, and I’m just tryin to blog~. There’s a lot more that I want to say but I feel stupid for posting this much; so just be nice to everyone you come in contact with because you never know what demons they’re fighting with! Love you all, have a good night.

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